Deck Repair and Insect Prevention in Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel Deck Repair and Insect Prevention

Having a deck in your property can be a great source of pleasure and pride. However, it requires regular maintenance and repair to keep the structure looking good, functional, and safe. Make sure to schedule an annual session in spring or fall to examine your deck for common issues such as wear and tear, loose nails, or rot. This will save you a lot of money before they become more serious problems. Here’s a handy checklist to follow in your annual deck inspection and damaged deck repair.

Nail pop

Most aging decks often have an issue known as nail pop. Wood planks and wood on these structures are usually secured with nails that are susceptible to popping up over time. This is triggered by the expansion and contraction of wood due to temperature variations. To repair this issue, you should nail them down or replace with better screws.

Inspect wood

Wood decks should to be maintained regularly, which includes painting, polishing, sanding, and cleaning. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use a sharp object like a knife to dig or poke into those areas which look spongy and soft. Check for evidence of rot and replace or repair the wood immediately.
  • Check whether the wood boards’ ends start to wrap
  • Check different areas to ensure the wood is still solid and sturdy. These include stairs, railings, deck boards, support posts, and ledger boards.
  • Look for Inspect for small holes, which might be a sign of insect damage, especially termites. Consider professional pest control for termite prevention.

Check steps and stairs

No matter if you have a weatherproof deck or not, mildew and mold can form easily during the cold months. This makes your steps and stairs slippery and possibly dangerous to walk. In addition, make sure to check for any sign of splitting or rot. Take a closer look at the treads, risers, and stringers.

Inspect posts

Just like other components of the deck, posts should be examined regularly for splitting and rot. Focus on their ends, where these issues are more likely to occur. Do you need to tighten fasteners such as nails, screws, bolts, and nuts? If these units are loose even after tightening, then rot might be the issue, which is often caused by sitting moisture. Once you have addressed rot problems, step back and examine the posts again to know if they are perfectly vertical or level.

Few areas around your home take more abuse than a deck, which is directly exposed to the most extreme sun, snow, ice, and driving rains. To avoid costly renovations, annual inspections and repairs are necessary. The key is to choose a reliable and trusted service which can offer affordable yet high-quality installation and repair services.

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